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To request a product catalog by mail, please fill out this product catalog request form on the Dayton Lamina web site or call toll-free 1-800-652-6462.

Corporate Line Card (1038 KB)

This line card summarizes our commitment to be the "customer-focused" world class supplier of choice in the metal-working and plastics industry. With our vast product offering and extensive machining capabilities, we continue to offer product solutions to meet your requirements, whether standard or custom, for high quality and dependable performance!

Accu-Bend™ Rotary Bender (912 KB)

Accu-Bend™ Rotary Benders include a tool steel Rocker set into a steel Saddle with a graphite plugged Aluminum-Bronze liner. Available in standard inch and metric sizes with rocker diameters of 20mm-80mm (0.75”-3.0”) and lengths of 50mm-900mm (2.0”-35.0”), these rotary forming tools transfer the vertical motion of the press into a smooth one-motion rotation. The smooth rotation provides a rotary bend process which requires less tonnage and less strain on the material. Accu-Bend™ Rotary Benders can be ordered with pre-configured mounting hole patterns. Specials can be manufactured for your custom applications when an off-the-shelf product doesn't meet your needs.

Box Cams and Bump Cams Catalog (1555 KB)
Aerial & Die Mount Wide Cams (870 KB)

IEM cam slides convert the vertical motion of a stamping press into a horizontal or diagonal action for piercing, trimming or forming at angles ranging from zero to sixty degrees. Use them to eliminate expensive secondary operations. A full line of IEM cams is available in popular inch and metric widths for stamping both large and small parts.

IEM NAAMS Aerial & Diemount Cams are now available under the Lamina brand name and can be accessed at the Anchor Lamina website.

Die Accessories IEM Version (822 KB)

This catalog details a complete line of pressroom accessories and supplies including Gold Bond pressroom accessories, hoist rings, stripper bolts, punch holder shanks, roller stock guides, stock pushers, pry bars, and ball bearing and die lubrication.

Formathane (782 KB)
Formathane IEM Version (768 KB)

A complete line of urethane products specifically formulated for metalforming. This product line comprises of urethane sheets, discs, bars, rods, springs, strippers and die cover film which offer greater abrasion resistance.

In-Die Tapping (485 KB)
In-Die Tapping IEM version (471 KB)

In-die tapping units make secondary tapping operations unnecessary. You can form parts and tap holes from 0-1/4" (MO to M6) in the same die and reduce the cost of tapped holes up to 90%!

Read an article from Metal Forming magazine about how one of Danly's customers uses In-Die Tapping to save money.

Pins and Bushings - Inch (2059 KB)
Pins and Bushings - Inch IEM Version (2037 KB)
Pins and Bushings - Metric (2171 KB)
Pins and Bushings - Metric IEM Version (2149 KB)
GM Blank Die System Flyer (167 KB)
Specials Capabilities Flyer (109 KB)

Our complete line of inch and metric guide posts and bushings in both friction and ball bearing styles are available for immediate delivery. Manufactured from high quality hardened steel and finish ground for a high precision finish, these components are available in steel, bronze and self-lubricating materials and are completely interchangeable.

“Cage Stopper” End Cap (163 KB)

As an alternative method to attaching the ball bearing cage to a Danly ball bearing guide post, the Danly “Cage Stopper” End Cap is a good option when cage travel required is more than what is available with our traditional Danly ball bearing cages.

Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies (656 KB)
Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies IEM Version (613 KB)

Danly IEM now offers Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies, a new low cost alternative added to our die components guiding system product line. This component assembly is mounted directly to the die holder and punch holder rather than the conventional method. Complete assemblies will include the necessary mounting bolts and dowel pins, required for installation. Optional tapped mounting holes are available to secure Stroke End Blocks. Surface Mount Ball Bearing Assemblies are available as stand-alone assemblies or can be mounted to your machined-to-order die set.

Punches: Basic Series (875 KB)
Punches: Ball Lock Series (877 KB)
Punches: Retainers (483 KB)
Punches: Ball Lock Accessories (199 KB)
Punches: Variable Precision Series (905 KB)
Punches: Metric Punches (1674 KB)
Thread Forms (644 KB)
Metal Forming Operations (182 KB)
Punch Order Form (90 KB)
EDM Standard Blanks (155 KB)
Ejector Punch Components (122 KB)
Coded & Special Shapes (534 KB)
Alterations (126 KB)
Rec. Press Fit Limits, Clearances (101 KB)
Calc. of Perf. Press, Shear Strength (94 KB)
Punch & Die materials, Coatings (104 KB)
Punch Delivery Schedule (94 KB)

Danly offers a comprehensive range of standard punches and die buttons in the basic, ball lock and variable precision series. Each component is made of quality heat treated tool steel which meet or exceed ANSI standards. Available in A2 high performance tool steel for toughness and economy, and M2, high speed steel, triple-tempered for long runs where abrasion resistance is required. Also available as a special option is PM4 which offers improved wear and impact characteristics ideal for optimum performance at high operating speed.

DieMax XL Die Springs (905 KB)

Danly die springs, a leading brand of ISO die springs in North America, have a new design and new name but they still feature the colors and load classifications specified by international ISO 10243 standards. The catalog includes information in inch and metric and includes information on cages and retainers. Danly die springs are made in the USA to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and all meet NAAMS standards. Springs are available and stocked around the world in our warehouses and a network of distributors.

Heavy Duty Compression Springs (560 KB)

Identi®Spring (262 KB)

All standard load classifications are available and each one is completely interchangeavble with other springs you may be using nowl Easily recongnized color coding makes it simple to convert and begin enjoying the performance advantage of the Identi®Spring.

JIS Die Springs (890 KB)
JIS Die Springs IEM Version (814 KB)

New from Danly IEM is a complete line of die springs meeting the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) for die springs. These die springs are stocked in all 5 standard color load ratings and sizes.

Utility Springs (885 KB)

Wear Products (1877 KB)
Wear Products IEM version (1985 KB)
Specials Capabilities Flyer (109 KB)

Included in our full line offering are wear plates, wearstrips, gibs, guide blocks, keepers and cam dwells in both inch and metric sizes and are available in steel, bronze and self-lubricating materials. Designed for high volume, maintenance free production the product line features high strength quality and reliability.


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